How to get YUM token?

Install XUMM Wallet App

XUMM Wallet is a non-custodial wallet app, where you are in total control of your assets.

  1. Install XUMM Wallet App;
  2. Deposit XRP (10 XRP to activate wallet);
  3. Connect your XRP wallet to YUM Trustline;

Buy with XUMM

  1. Open XUMM, scan the QR or open in App.
  2. Set Market or Limit order;
  3. Set the quantity how much you wish to buy;
  4. Click buy YUM and confirm it;

Buy at Sologenic

  1. Go to this link: Sologenic;
  2. Connect your XUMM wallet & buy YUM;

Buy at XRPToolkit

  1. Go to: XRPtoolkit and tap “Connect Wallet”, then under “Select wallet type” tap “XUMM App” Tap “Connect XUMM”;
  2. Click the “Trade” option on top of the screen, tap “XRP-USD” (this is the trading pair) Tap “Switch”:
    • Change the base currency to YUM;
    • Tap anywhere to get the currency pair window to disappear;
    • From here you can buy the YUM token;
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